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 All applicants must read this !

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PostSubject: All applicants must read this !   Sat May 09, 2009 1:41 am

Just to brieflly introduce you to the procedure of becoming a part of |TAT| family. We would like you to know that after you get approved by 1 of the Recruitment Team members it does not mean that your already a part of us. There is a certain period of time and tasks that you need to go through in order to become 1 of us.

- All new recruits accepted by Recruitment Team member are obligated to wear their probation time tags: |R <--- (put this behind your name) for undefined period of time ( You don't get to wear the |TAT| tag with it yet, first You need to get approved and be told to put the tags on.)

- All new recruits need to get along with other members, We are all close and this is the way its gonna stay

- You can climb in Team |TAT| by mature and smart way of acting and responding on the daily basis situations
by obtaining: admin status, webadmin status, site administrations and many diffrent promotions!!!

If You have any questions about your status or anything connected to recruiting process please contact our recruitment team.

Recruitment Team :

1.) |TAT|Nigga - (xfire - john2412)

2.) |TAT|DoC - (xfire - scaggz)

3.) |TAT|Anzac - (xfire - deduct)

4.) |TAT|Nik - (xfire - bloom23)

Those members are responsable for your recruiting process and will observe your progress to make the final decission.

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All applicants must read this !
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