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 Want to join TAT?? PLEASE READ THIS FIRST!!!!!

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PostSubject: Want to join TAT?? PLEASE READ THIS FIRST!!!!!   Fri Oct 24, 2008 10:06 am

Joining TAT means being a TAT you have to be involved with the clan and show respect. You will need the respect of the members and really wanna be a part of this clan. Be active on the forum and servers, laugh with us have fun with us. You will also need to pass a few test but if You really are a |TAT| material it won't be a problem.

Let us know who You are

1.)Some information you need to post with your application:

- Any previous clans/teams

- Location you live

- Ping in TATservers

- Nickname you use in swat4

- Your X-fire

- Age

- Gender/Sex

- Languages you speak

- Post your best screenshots

2.) Requirements:

- Teamspeak

- xFire account existing for atleast 1/4 of a year

- Active and involved in a clan progress

- Basic "Swat 4" game experience

- Respect and Maturity
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Want to join TAT?? PLEASE READ THIS FIRST!!!!!
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