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Ain't nobody fucking about,  the team called TAT is heading in a new and better direction. With having a 2 years history of succes and
downfalls. We are heading towards a new path of democracy, respect and treating people equal and fair. We will focus on having fun in swat4 aslong
as the swat4community is alive. We are not here to be the best and be the most selfish. We are not here to win all the wars or to win all
tournaments, we are here to have the most fun. To be organized and more focused on the clan. Allot has happend many things have changed,
but also for the better. An example is our name use to be teamtat with tat standing for tactical assault team. So bassicly our name is
team tactical assault team, that makes no sense. Its faults like these that we will work on, to make TAT again the most respected and most
gloryfull clan of the swat4 1.0 community. Winter is coming up meaning that a new period of active swat4 players is coming up, and we will
be ready for it. We will overcome all that happend in the past and we will not go to the low level of people that tried to destroy TAT.
The people that stole our server crashed our site stole our members, we will not even try to do anything back. One day their hate will turn
against them and at that time we will be busy doing our own thing. We will open an second europian server soon located somewhere in europe.
To bring good pings to the people that live in europe or close to europe. We will work on our new site and new ranks new rules but same old
TAT spirit. Our future looks bright with the great people that we have in our clan, all we need is a lil time and time we have enough.
The leaders, counsilmembers, elite members and so on are all motivated and excited to make |TAT| shine once more. With real brotherhood,
new recruits, new wars, new trainings and making a new history. We will stop looking at the past and will focus on the future, and use our
uniq ways of doing things, and take TAT to a higher level.
We have many plans and many suprises for the clan |TAT| after weeks of dissapointments we will introduce a new era of ownage. Based on making
friends and not enemies based on having fun not drama's based on organisation not on dictatorship. A new clean and fresh start in the old
ways of TAT, all involving respect. Swat4 is a game and its made to enjoy and we will enjoy it to the fullest. We will create something
nobody can touch or take away from us. We have shown to be strong these last months and that we can handle anything that is ahead of us.
We can relax and do our thing not to worry what might happen or who might think differently. TAT has shown to be more powerfull and more solid
then anyone would ever expect. Thanks to somany greatmembers that feel like TAT is their second family. New people will be shown the almost
legendary ways of TAT. People will have jobs to do, responsiblitys to take and things to proof. Respect will need to be earned and people that
focus on having power only will not come far in this clan. We will be tighter then a crabs ass together, and aint nobody fuckin about. Different
people have different quality's and we can make use of all of them. We are finaly cut loose from the old TATgroup members and they cant touch
us anymore. We will have 2 independend servers and one independend site runnin up, that will be the crown on our work. Many people have shown
great skills and nerves these last weeks. And leaders have reconized them and we our proud of our great members. And looking foward to the future
with big expectations and a convident feeling. We will kick asses as never before and we will let the swat4 community know what we are made off.
Anyone that willing to be a part of our great future is welcome to proof him/herself. Recruitment will be tight and only great people will find
room in TAT cuz thats what we are all about. Great people! Great people with respect honour and understandment thats whats |TAT| is build o

And nobody can touch or break that,
Much respect big shit poppin lil shit stoppin